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Financial Modelling Consultancy

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Property Development

Make the right business decisions with good financial modelling practices, explore the financial impact of your business strategies.

Key questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a forecast built based on reasonable assumptions that have been stress-tested by industry professionals?
  • Have your financing arrangements been fully integrated and reflected in your model?
  • Is your financial model built to be easily updated in the absense of the model builder?
  • Is your model easy to understand?
  • Is your model prepared based on the latest accounting standards?
  • Does your model allow for analysis of key operational, commercial and financing sensitivities by key stakeholders?

If the answers to any of the above is no, your first consultation is on us.

Our firm belief is that all models need to be developed with the following attributes

  1. Dynamic: where changes to assumptions properly flow through the model
  2. Flexible: built to be modular in order to facilitate easy expansion and changes to the model
  3. Intuitive: where the layout/flow mirrors how people think about the business
  4. Transparent: easy to follow with no giant formulas or hidden sections
  5. Printable: in a clear and easy-to-read format on paper
  6. Transferable: built by one person but usable by many

Why do I need a Financial Model?

Pitch deck

First impressions matter.


Your pitch deck serves as an inivitation to investors for your pitch meeting.


Keep information to a minimum and extract only the most relevant and important numbers and keywords.


From content, to copywriting, to design, to financial, we’ve got you covered


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Leverage on our strong legal network and future-proof your business. Whatever your challenges are, we weill connect you to the right professionals.

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